“Now that I’ve actually gone, I see this is not like regular camping at all, my kid starts bothering me about going again sometime in the middle of winter,  there’s no way I could say no!!!” Warren L,  (Father of 2, accountant)


“I actually spend a lot of time out doors with my boys, but this event is put together for me and quite frankly the activities are just something I can’t create by myself, me and youngest 2 boys love it.  We will go every year until they out grow it”  Todd M,  (Father of 3, real estate investor and outdoor enthusiast)

“My two youngest think it’s better than Disneyland, we don’t get to do this kind of guy stuff often and we need outlets like this, another camp in winter would help too….”  Keith F (father of 2, heavy machinery consultant)


“There was a noticeable change in my boys discipline and motivation after this camp, now we do things “men and lads” style whenever life gets tricky and we need to buckle down”   Henry H (Father of 4, oilfield engineer