The Rotermann Memorial Men and Lad’s Weekend

The Men and Lad’s weekend is two days spent in the wilderness HAVING FUN where boys can be boys. Centered around providing awesome activities and powerful learning, the weekend is an opportunity for lads to spend time bonding with positive male role models.  For 18 years, men and lads have gotten together to participate in activities that model respect, organization, and leadership. Activities have left men, as well as lads, inspired to get out of their comfort zone and grow as individuals. Past participants come from many types of families including boys that didn’t have  men to model these values for them.

Camp Teepee Pole, Sundre AB Weekend after Labor Day

Men & Lads could experience

  • Intentional role modeling
  • Ridiculous fun, competition, and laughter
  • Activities that are thrilling, and make summer camp look like daycare
  • Learn how good it feels to be a role model for young lads
  • have big time “guy fun” and do so in an environment that teaches safely
  • pass on mentorship to another man or to another lad
  • get out of town
  • blow off some steam
  • be in nature
  • eat like kings
  • road trip!!!!!

Who Can Attend?

Lads can be any age. A man that brings him can be 18 to 118 years old. Men and Lads must register together. This event is not JUST for fathers and sons.

For 18 years there has been uncles, nephews, grandpa’s and grandsons, as well as adult friends of families bringing other people’s boys. Some are big brothers, some are mentors, some are friends of single mom’s who want their lad to attend. Lads at this camp receive full time adult attention if they come without their father or a relative.

Event Details

2017 Friday September 8th @ 7 pm – Sunday September 10th @ 4 pm